Bruschetta Stracciatella cheese & Tomatoes

Hello! I’ve just open my blog and I’ve only published one recipe (I have to better organise my spare time)

I prepared this bruschetta with Stracciatella cheese in August when temperature touched 40° degrees (104 ° F) so my desire to cook and to turn on the oven disappeared.
Anyway my family eat even when it’s very hot so I tried to find something appetizing without turning on the burner (or turning it on for a few seconds).
Here’s my bruschetta’s version! Richer than the one you usually order in a restaurant and very very tasty!
And last but not least: even my son can do that 
Obviously summer flavours can’t miss: tomatoes, basil (I love basil, if someone created a basil eau de parfum, I would be the first person to buy it)

Olive oil
Tomatoes (I usually use Picadilly tomatoes, the little ones)
Stracciatella cheese (see definition in the dictionary)
Dried tomatoes (I use the ones already dressed with olive oil so they are pulpy)

*Stracciatella is a fresh cheese made from mozzarella and cream and it has a soft texture. Stracciatella isn’t produced only with buffalo’s milk but also with cow’s milk, I usually buy this last version in a cheese factory near me. Stracciatella’s ingredients are: mozzarella (cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk, rennet, salt) and cream. Look at that before buying any sort of stracciatella. No vinegar or unnecessary ingredients should appear.

1. Prepare little tomatoes: dress with salt, oil and basil and then leave it so they can develop more flavor and create a sauce that you’ll use to soften bread
2. Toast slice of bread
3. Put on the bread dressed tomatoes, dried tomatoes and stracciatella.

Surfing the web I found a recipe of an handmade stracciatella. I will try it and let you know if the experiment will end well.
Heat, I don’t fear you!
However I think that you’ll surely find it at Eataly US. They have to sell it!

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