Welcome to my Italian Kitchen! (my first recipe)

Hello everybody and finally welcome to my kitchen! (I don’t know why but saying these words I feel like an old anchorwoman)

First of all I’d like to explain you the name of the blog.

I think that most of you are aware that Alfredo Fettuccini are not spread and Known in Italy, anyway I want to remind you it. There are no expert or non-expert Italian food lovers who cook this recipe at home. Yes, that’s the truth. In Italy we don’t cook Alfredo sauce, this is the reason of the name of the blog: the only person that I know with this name is my cousin (really). Anything else. 

So, I’ve thought about the first recipe to publish on my blog and finally I got ii: I want to give a quick an easy recipe which combines the most popular Italian ingredients. I don’t know if this recipe has a name but I learnt it from my father.

Only three ingredients: pasta, tomatoes, mozzarella. Let’s start!


Pasta pomodorini & mozzarella

Ingredients for 2/3 people:

  • 240 gr (8,4 ounces) penne or fusilli (or use the shape the you prefer)
  • little tomatoes (I used Piccadilly  variety)
  • 18 gr coarse salt ( 1 tablespoon) to add to the boiled water
  • black pepper seeds
  • basil
  • 1 mozzarella (125 gr – 4,4 ounces) – I usually use Santa Lucia, Galbani
  • 1 shallot
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil (I use extra virgin)


  1. put the pot with water on the burner, bring to a boil than salt it (only the water boil, not before) 
  2. put pasta into the water and cook for the indicated time
  3. chop shallot into a fine dice and cook until soft (I used a wok) then add little tomatoes cut in half, basil and salt it. Continue cooking over low heat till little tomatoes are soft
  4. in the meanwhile mince mozzarella (yes, it has to be minced) and strain it 
  5. add mozzarella to soft little tomatoes and cook it at low heat: it should create a liquid cream 
  6. drain pasta and put it in the wok with the cream, cook it for one minute about. Turn off the stove and add crushed black pepper seeds 

Bon appétit!


P.S I will improve my English, cross my heart and hope to die!

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